Encountering Buddhism

Today was a day to relax a little after a long but good week of teaching at Myanmar Bible Institute. Dakum Pi took us to the National Botanical Gardens, and it was well worth the trip. An interesting thing happened, though. As we were walking up the trail to the park’s tower, we encountered a group of Myanmar folks coming the other way. They wanted to stop and have a picture taken with me and my American friend, Russ. This was a group of women accompanied by a young Buddhist monk. I was glad to do this, but did not understand why they would want this.Note: there are a couple of guys in the back. They were not with the monk’s group. They just happened along and joined the picture.

Dakum Pi explained to me that the monk probably thought that encountering Westerners in this place was a lucky, fortunate thing for him. He wanted a picture to remember his lucky day. (I’m guessing he also liked being with those women.) It was an interesting perspective. He did not know us from Adam, but thought he was lucky to meet us. I wish the opportunity would have been there for me to share Jesus. Then it would have really been his lucky day.

Mark Krause


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