Victorious: the Book of Revelation


This summer my wife and I will be attending the North American Christian Convention in beautiful Louisville, KY. The Theme for the convention this year is “Victorious,” with messages to be based on the book of Revelation. I always enjoy the NACC as a place and time to see old friends, make new friends, be inspired by outstanding speakers, and visit the displays of innovative vendors and service providers. This year’s speaker lineup includes Joni Earekson Tada, Amani Mustafa, Kyle Idleman, and Wayne Cordeiro, among many others. Matt Proctor, an outstanding speaker in his own right, is this year’s NACC President, and I look forward to his keynote address.

Many of your know that I love the book of Revelation, and I am currently beginning a project for a Bible commentary series where I will serve as the New Testament editor and write the commentary on the book of Revelation. The theme of the NACC captures the message of Revelation well: Victorious.

One small comment here, though. I have often heard it said that the theme of Revelation is “We win in the end.” I guess that is sort of true, but the real message is “God wins in the end, and we are on the winning side.” I guess we can be like the Louisville fans who said “We won!” after the Cardinals slugged out the NCAA Final Four triumph, but like them, we are going to be more spectators in the final battle than angelic warriors. Still, I take great comfort from this timeless prophetic message. As the NACC banner says,

When life seems hopeless, read the end of the story.

There are days when this world seems to be on a hopeless trajectory. Insane people with nuclear weapons. Insane people shooting up elementary schools. Selfishness and self-centeredness touted as virtues. Immorality paraded and celebrated. But it will not be like this forever. God’s promises and judgments are true and sure. Victorious indeed!

Mark Krause
Nebraska Christian College


4 thoughts on “Victorious: the Book of Revelation

    • Original title: Urban Bible Commentary, current working title: Polis Bible Commentary. Projected 24 volumes. We are trying to combine biblical scholars with urban/missiological specialists.

  1. That’s a great theme for the NACC. One of my favorite courses in seminary was Revelation with Bob Lowery. I especially have loved studying worship in Revelation. Looking forward to the commentary series. I assume it will be a couple of years before volumes begin to come out?

    • We are looking at an 8-10 year project with the first volumes out in 2 years. The Revelation volume will likely be one of the first, because I have a lot of material for it already. We are working with Urban Loft Publishers from Portland, OR.

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